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Collaborative work, disciplinary perspectives

Alexandre López (coord.) (

Professor, Information and Communication Sciences, UOC


Collaborative or cooperative work, such as the web 2.0, are successful concepts that everyone cites as paradigms of innovation, although they are often not consolidated or are understood in different ways by different authors and different disciplines.

We can define collaborative work as the synergy which arises between individuals or groups of individuals who - through an appropriate work dynamic - achieve certain objectives in the best way possible and which they may not have achieved separately or which they achieve through a greater optimisation of their own resources.

As an example of collaboration, this dossier presents four disciplines, looking at the technological, informational, educational and communicative factors, with a simple aim: to examine collaborative work or collaborative tools in each of these disciplines.


collaborative tools, collaborative work, communication, information, technology

Submission date:  January 2009
Accepted in:  February 2009
Published in:  April 2009

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