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Knowledge, creativity and free software: an opportunity for education in today's society

Juan Cristóbal Cobo (

Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences, Mexico


This article looks to analyse the benefits and opportunities deriving from the idea of enriching learning processes through the use of technologies developed with free software. It also analyses, from a number of perspectives, the virtuous circle that exists between education, creativity and the free software philosophy. This analysis aims to contribute to the debate on which initiatives, methodologies and strategies the knowledge society should look to when rethinking education for the 21st century.

The trio of education, creativity and free software not only highlights the opportunities that these can offer teaching in today's schools, but also contributes to highlighting all the transformations that have already been set in motion.


architecture of participation, education, free software, innovation

Submission date:  January 2009
Accepted in:  February 2009
Published in:  April 2009

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