Issue 2 (2006)



UOC Papers is an interdisciplinary electronic journal produced by the UOC which looks to publish original university papers that focus on the conflux of the subject areas dealt with by universities in the knowledge society. The journal also looks to act as a platform for the publicising of new publications relating to this same area.

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Target audience

The natural target audience for UOC Papers is, due its interdisciplinary and informative nature, the university community and the general public, those interested in the effects and influence of the intensive use of information and communication technologies on people, organisations and society in general.

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UOC Papers is produced every six months. However, the contents of each issue are not necessarily published all at the same time. Instead, they may appear at any point over the six months, until each issue is considered complete.

This system means that the journal's contents can be published much more quickly, without having to wait until all of the issue has been edited.

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The journal's principal language is Catalan, but this does not mean that an issue cannot contain articles in Spanish or English.

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Peer review

All articles received have to pass a peer review process involving those experts designated by the Editorial Board. These experts provide their assessments on articles proposed for publication, with any observations they consider pertinent. If the assessment is positive, the experts' observations are sent to the authors by the journal's editors.

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Contents published in UOC Papers are subject to a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-NoDerivativeWorks 2.5 licence, the full text of which can be consulted on Thus, they may be copied, distributed and broadcast provided that the author and UOC Papers are cited, as shown in the recommended citation that accompanies each article. Commercial use and derivative works are not permitted.

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Each issue of UOC Papers can include:

Under the In-depth epigraph,

  • a central article, which is published with a presentation signed by an appointed member of the Editorial Committee, eventually also with a bibliography compendium with comments.

In the Miscellany section,

  • 2-5 miscellany articles that, as in the above case, should be original and have received the approval of at least two external assessors.

In the Analysis and debate section,

  • 2-5 critical articles based on a work (or part of a work, or more than one work), aimed at the critical discussion of their theses, placing them in a context, comparing them with published literature, offering an opinion, etc.

In the Reviews section,

  • 2-4 reviews of specialist works of academic interest, accompanied by an analysis or critical comment.

Under the title of Selection of books,

  • A selection of new publications produced by the Editorial Committee.

If it is considered appropriate, issues of UOC Papers may include works structured as monographic dossiers or also brief notes on experiences or projects underway, chronicles of conferences, etc.

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Creative Commons License The texts published in this journal, unless otherwise indicated, are subject to a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-NoDerivativeWorks 2.5 Spain licence. They may be copied, distributed and broadcast provided that the author and the journal that publishes them (UOC Papers) are cited. Commercial use and derivative works are not permitted. The full licence can be consulted on