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Organizing higher education for collaboration: a guide for campus leaders

Adrianna J. Kezar

Jaime Lester


This book provides needed guidance and advice for how colleges and universities can reorganize to foster more collaborative work. In a time of declining resources, financial challenges, changing demographics, and staff overturn, institutions are looking for ways to maximize their resources and still be effective. This book is based on a study of campuses that have been successful in recreating their environments to support collaborative work.


collaborative work, higher education, university campus, university organization

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Title: Organizing higher education for collaboration: a guide for campus leaders

Author: Adrianna J. Kezar, Jaime Lester

Publication: San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 2009 290 p.

ISBN: 9780470179369


Preface: Organizing Higher Education for Collaboration

The Authors

PART 1: Setting the Context for Moving Toward Collaboration: Understanding the Logic, Barriers, and Need to Reorganize

The Collaborative Imperative

The Challenges of Collaboration

Taking Advantage of Collaboration: Synergizing Successful Practices

PART 2: Strategies for Reorganizing Campuses

Misson, Vision, and Educational Philosophy


Social Networks

Intergrating Structures


External Pressures


PART 3: Conclusion: Bringing the Strategies Together for Collective Action

Developing a Collaborative Context: Toward a Developmental Process

A Collective Responsibility: What Can Various Constituents Do to Support Collaboration on Campus?

APPENDIX A: Methodology

APPENDIX B: Resource Guide


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